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Living Extreme is expanding rapidly, with the summer weather and no more football to watch it is a great exuse to get out on your mountain bike or walking boots. Which is why more and more people are turning to Living Extreme to find a partner to share the sunny weather and get active!

Living Extreme is an online dating and friendship finder website targeted at people who share a love of the outdoors – we are looking for active singles. It is free, safe adn simple to register today.

How many Living Extreme sports are there?

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The term Extreme Sports is batted about, as we are beginning to build up a good number of members here on Living Extreme, we are starting to think about the number of Extreme Sports in the world and how we should position ourselves. So far we have had a great up take from Kayaking, this certainly can be extreme particularly rushing down the rapids :)

So what is an Extreme Sport?

Well we have looked around the Internet and think that an extreme sport is something that creates a sense of adrenaline, but is not just about adrenaline junkies getting together and base jumping off cliffs. We define Extreme Sports slightly differently; “People who are interested in outdoor living and outdoor sports.” This includes things such as Rambling and Walking, Cycling and Mountain biking etc.

Are Active Singles ready to online date?

We think so, when we studied Google’s search data it revealed that there are a lot of people looking for singles walking and singles skiing holidays. And loads of normal people are turning to online dating so we thought Extreme Sport Dating was the answer!

If Extreme Sport Dating is the answer what is the question?

The question would have to be; “what do Living Extreme aim to do?” and the answer is – we aim to become the leading Extreme Sport Dating website. In doing so we want to bring singletons together who share a love for participating or watching outdoor, exciting sports such as Kayaking, mountain biking, zorbing etc. Registration is a free one page form.

Extreme Sport Dating is Gaining Momentum

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We have just launched Extreme Sport Dating website – Living Extreme. Thank you for all your feedback, it is amazing how many active singles there are out there and of course skiing singles, but maybe that is because so many people have had an epic season skiing this year, even in the UK which has had a huge amount of snow fall over the past few months – Rarely do the parks of london turn into the splopes of the alps!!

We are finding this new journey very exciting and hope that extreme sports dating becomes a popular area, the Outdoor Community on the whole has a very strong community feel which is what we hope to create here, a central home for the outdoor world and to help people make new friends and ultimately new partners.

Something else exciting is happening, winter is turning into spring which means soon it will be summer and the calendar for outdoor sports changes again. Dust off your surf board, grease up your wake board and tighten your mountain boards wheels because your weekends will soon be full. If you are looking for someone to share these exciting opportunities with why not register on free.

We also want to hear your feedback and thoughts on anything to do with the website or content or processes. We will always try to respond as quickly as possible to your queory as we are all about service and hopefully having fun at the same time. Give us a shout on

Enjoy :)

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